Tubi Style, the story of genuine passion.


Just 30 years ago, we were a small artisan workshop but now we’re grown into one of the leading companies in the sector.  Tubi Style has evolved with the market and with its clients to guarantee it consistently offers the perfect product for every style and sound requirement.

The Tubi Style story began in 1987 when Fausto Lettieri and Enrico Ruini decided to launch a company to cater to the more extreme requirements of supercar owners, particularly in terms of sound and performance.  Michele Leo joined them in this new adventure which began life in a small artisan workshop in Spezzano di Fiorano, right near the famous test track itself. Thanks to Fausto, Enrico and Michele’s extensive experience and passion for their work, the handmade components produced by in-house by Tubi Style were genuinely unique because of their meticulous design and craftsmanship.  They spanned the entire exhaust system from manifolds to tips. Success was quick to follow and the company expanded rapidly to keep pace with a market on which demand for customized TUBI solutions because of our ability to optimize sound impact without hampering driving performance.

In 1993, the company moved to a larger, more functional premises in Ubersetto di Fiorano, which is also located in Motor Valley.
In 1997,  we opened our research and development department complete with then-radically new CAD work stations.

In 2004, Tubi Style expanded once again and moved all of its production to its current headquarters in Maranello where it works each and every day to meet the specific requests of its vast and very varied client-base.

Spurred by a need for further growth, it merged with Duerre Srl in 2012 and changed its company name to Duerre Tubi Style Group Spa.
With an eye to the future, in 2015 the company upgraded its in-house structure to ensure it could response more quickly and incisively to the rapidly changing and highly complex aftermarket sector.
In 2016, we invested in creating a new image for Tubi Style which now has a new logo and website that are more modern and representative of our core values and qualities. Tubi Style’s success has exceeded even the most ambitious expectations of its founders and its products are distributed and sold over 2,000 individuals in over 30 countries worldwide on five continents.




Hear the Tubi sound, hear out passion.

We were one of the first aftermarket companies in the world to embrace globalization by structuring our business to respond instantly and very specifically to changing demand in the areas of quality and customization. We were also assisted in this process by an international sales network that speaks dozens of different languages.

Tubi Style was founded and flourished in Italy’s legendary motor valley, where every sound is reminiscent of the growl or whine of an engine. In this unique corner of the world, every bend, every road and every person has a story to tell, a story redolent of engines, iconic marques and the great legendary characters of the auto world. Living and working in that kind of setting means that cars are in our blood to an extent unparalleled elsewhere. This in turn manifests in the extraordinary talent displayed each and every day by our team, and the advanced technical skills of our suppliers. But that is far from the end of the story. What really sets Tubi Style apart is its DNA which encompasses the deep-rooted passion that each and every one of us has for our work. A passion that drives us to help supercar drivers achieve all of their sound and performance goals.  We are confident that nowhere else in the world has this kind of ethos and so we know that no one else can make exhaust systems that can seamlessly meld innovation and tradition tailored to our clients’ needs. We can do this thanks to one of the world’s top technical offices and our collaborations with genuine Italian master craftsmen.

Every Tubi Style product is the culmination of 30 years of triumphs in the world of racing. On a dynamic market focused on downsizing and hybrid integration, we continue to offer exactly what you want… More sound, more power, more emotion.  

Our Values

Tubi Style brings a future-forward approach to the Made in Italy quality workmanship ethos.


Tubi Style has a unique set of complimentary core values that have helped us become an international reference point for the entire top-end custom exhaust sector.


The Italian workmanship, famous the world over


Tubi Style components (manifolds, mufflers, catalytic converters, tailpipes and all other tubing) are made exclusively in Italy in our Maranello factory.

Our founder, Fausto Lettieri still personally makes the first prototypes of each new product – bringing invaluable experience and meticulousness to both that stage and the supervision of every other phase of the machining, design and making of the final product. The most meticulous skill and attention to detail is essential through the entire production process but particularly in the final stages. These incredibly high standards are flawlessly maintained by our welders who have become something of a symbol of the Italian excellence that has always been a Tubi Style signature and which has made Italian workmanship famous the world over.


Technological innovation, a future-focused core value


Tubi Style is constantly researching and developing the very best technical solutions, always and ever with an eye to the future of innovation: our technical office is staffed by a team of highly qualified experts and works hand-in-glove with the leading car marques thanks to our superb development and analytical capabilities.
Our technological skills and the tools we use in the course of our work (3D modelling and CFD simulations, for instance) allow us to plan even the tiniest details of each individual design so there will be no surprises. This means we know immediately how our catalytic converter will behave. The converters themselves are selected after a series of tests on different prototypes that verify performance, Tubi sound quality, reliability and functionality of each one. This is a streamlined, efficient approach that helps us constantly push our own boundaries as we hone the end product.